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Worst product in the World!!! Ever!!!

I bought this product and nothing works PNP. It is a money making scam and terrible product. Im livid! I am tech-savvy and nothing works. No video. No connection! Nothing.


The app costs $5 and then you still need to spend more $$ on subscription service fee to use it if you want to monitor when you not at home on the same network. Misleading

Very good indeed

This app is very good! You can adjust the sensitivity of noises in the rooms, you can see video (and if you’ve got lousy service like me, you’ll like the different video settings options), and you can even trigger a siren when you talk through the app. I’ve found the setting up process fairly easy compared to other security apps and that was the hardest part, everything else was a piece of cake.

Very useful

I use this app to check on my house mates. I don’t think they’ve even noticed the phone spying on them. I’ve noticed lately that I miss some of my belongings even though they swear they’d never taken anything from me. Well, this app caught them red handed and from now on, they’ll be sure not to take anything - or even take a step into my room without permission. 🔒

So easy to use 👍

My house got broken in back in April because I live alone and I work most of the day and often nights. And to top it off, I travel a lot from work and sometimes I can be gone for weeks at a time. With the April burglary I got lucky and they didn’t take anything valuable to me but I didn’t want to give anyone a second chance at my belongings. I went online and searched for hours trying to find something reasonably cheap but convenient and I found this app. It’s awesome because it doesn’t cost almost anything and you only need two phones! Pairing and setting up is easy and then you just let the app do its thing. I’m so happy with it!

Pitiful !

Pitiful! A waste of my money... I feel ripped off! Deleting it !

Watch my house when on holidays 😎

It's much easier to leave the house now. I can see what's happening inside. Appreciate the app.

Can't set up

This is not user friendly. I can't find a screen to enter my system

Gave up on it

I bought this app in hopes that it would help me in my surveillance in my house at night, even though I know my camera a low light camera. I leave a light on. I was never able to set it up. No video, no live, no nothing. I had an extremely hard time trying to connect my cameras but to no avail. Oh well, live and learn. $6 won't put me in the poor house. I reverted back to Presence, a very simple setup and operation. It worked all night w/o a hitch. It was free.

Free purchase???

What is the point of the $0 purchase?? It seems shady

No help

I have 4 security cams around my home and it sounded like I would be able to sign them all into this one app. Spent the money and the only thing this will find is my iPhone and iPad. Not at all what I thought I was buying.


Poor UI useless

Regular pool check

Can check every week our pool maintenance. Great watchdog ;)

Easy to monitor my house

I am happy with this app. It helps me to keep my eye on my house when traveling or just in the work. It notices me when there is any suspicious activity in the house and show up notice on my phone or vibrate. I love it!

True review

No idea who is giving this app great ratings. They must be fake. This app is slow and sloppy. The image quality is low. The app responds slowly and the camera won't show in landscape mode. Update: I received feedback from my response which is the first time I have ever received that on this App Store. They seemed very interested in receiving feedback which is really great and shows they actually care about what they are putting out.

do not purchase

on same wifi still very bad service, written for an engineer tech to operate, movement alarm does not work, crashes on iphone

Don't bother

Works for very short time then you must pay

Get a good laugh from the fake reviews and move on...do not download

Every 5-star review was written by the same person that learned English as a second or third language. The only good thing this app has going for it is the laugh i get from reading the "reviews" and chuckling away. No stars for the app, but 5-stars for the comedic writing in the 'reviews'!!!

this is gabage

no recording or notification. useless



Why the fake stuff man

First off the app is junk not secure to anyone using it. Now let's talk about these fake reviews I can see. Now if you're going to post fake reviews for God's sake man use different people to write them. Simple enough the review by John Wayne and Mark 1992 OH, are definitely the same people just look on the in their statement I can recommend this app, both people exactly the same words. I'm also willing to bet that anybody on there who said that they can recommend the app or anything to that effect are fake with five stars because the app again is garbage!

Not Useful

Don't waste your time with this app!

Great when it works

Definitely gets the job done with not a lot of fuss if you already have another device. Problem is that it hardly works. Short of my home wi-fi I haven't had a smooth stream from anywhere else, using data or wi-fi. If they can fix that, would be an great app.

Not free, buggy, not p2p

It is not free, 30min trial. During that only few minutes I was connected and rest is inactive, no feed. It is Gb wifi and connection problems, 👏🏻 I had the feeling this is not point to point, who knows who else can also watch. That could explain connection issues as pure p2p on wifi should never see such prob. Most likely 5* reviews are fake.

No thanks

You can only view the feed from one device, and that device can't be a computer. No thanks!

Easy to use

And useful as a home watching when I am away.


If you have an old iOS device this is great, I guess. But they'll charge you for using it. If you want the same amount of security, FaceTime your old phone/iPod and you'll be fine.

Easy to setup and see my place

Great and reliable app. Easy to control. Use any old iOS device as camera. Highly recommended!

Like the app

Just tried the app and it's reliable to use. I have bought full version with remote access. I can recommend this app!

Do not download!

The 5* reviews below are FAKE! This app is garbage! You get a free 30 minute trial. It's not free. It didn't describe this in the description! Save your time and don't download! What a waste...

Great video quality

I can set video quality and see if the house is ok. It has sensitive noise notification. Very useful I can recommend this app.

Easy to use

Just signed in and it works perfectly. Watch my house over old devices. Great app!!

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